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One size doesn’t fit all, sure you can go to a national who will no doubt have a lot of candidates on their books but, how much do they really know about you, your business and their candidates?

National recruiters often don’t even meet their candidates face to face, they encourage online form filling and emailing of documents. When you employ their services, they use software to search and sift making the entire process impersonal. This approach may work to fill positions fast however, without taking the time to really get to know you and their candidates how can they feel confident in finding you the right fit?

At Jackie Collins Consultancy, we use our knowledge and experience which has been built up in national and international based recruitment agencies but apply that individualised touch. We aren’t restricted by tight performance targets, we are free to negotiate and are able to offer flexibility. We take as much time as we need to select our candidates and ensure that they fit the profile you have set out.

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